Why Antidote?

“living it up is no sin but let us provide you
with the fuel to keep going!”

over-cooked, processed, dead foods + stress, pollution, alcohol & smoking = TOXIC OVERLOAD!

results of which are weight gain, lack luster skin, weak immunity & poor digestion.

pure nectar from plant powered food + superfood extracts + = SUPERHUMAN BODY

results of which are radiant skin, & hair, heightened energy levels, healthy BMI & strong immune system.

an·ti·dote noun \’an-ti-,dōt\ ‘given against’, from anti-‘against’ + didonai ‘give’.

ANTIDOTE aims to provide a simple on-the-go solution to the urban lifestyle.

ANTIDOTE Programs and Cleanse are tailored to be an addition to your general lifestyle & food habits, they provide you with that extra energy & glow making the everyday tasks a lot less taxing!

ANTIDOTE is not just juice. It’s a lot more. Our drinks are fortified with natural superfood extracts, hence they that act as FUNCTIONAL FOODS.


Cleansing is not a new phenomena. Age-old cultures believe in juicing to detoxify & revive the body. ANTIDOTE follows a time tested formula with a new & evolved process.