ASTROLOGY for Everybody
  • Full Series (2 episodes, recorded playback)
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  • 12 pm IST


Led by Astrology Teacher, Bani Singh Chadha


    How to harness Is He Cruel or Kind? Does he Punish or Reward?
    He may Delay or Deny, but he never Deprives.
    Understanding Saturn & its energetic effect on our lives, may help us overcome obstacles with patience & persistence.
    + Remedies to harness the power of Saturn

    19th December 2020, 12 pm IST

  • RAHU & KETU:

    Why Rahu & Ketu are so powerful in spite of having no concrete form? And how they can cause complete dislocation in your life?
    Why Rahu & Ketu represent knowledge & spiritualism?
    The relationship they have with your Karma.
    Understanding the hidden wisdom in the Lunar Nodes might help us gain higher consciousness.
    + Remedies to harness the power of these two Shadow Planets

    20th December 2020, 12 pm IST


  • Bani Singh Chadha

    Bani Singh is a former producer and broadcast journalist with NDTV. With an early passion for Astrology she decided to study it more deeply. She has been a student & teacher of Astrology for 12 + years and is currently pursuing a Masters in Astrology from Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan, New Delhi.

    Her style of teaching is much like story-telling, she gets you enthralled and creates a relatable character around each of the heavenly bodies, which in turn help you understand their effects on our daily lives.

    Bani infuses vedic wisdom & Indian mythology into her lessons.