• SKIN I am radiant.


    I am radiant.

    for clarifying + an antioxidant boost. This miraculous herbal tea blend works on the glow and heals minor skin conditions. It is an antioxidant rich blend which reduces inflammation, works on the digestion and induces wound healing.
    • Yarrow: Ace antioxidant works on skin radiance and provides a gentle liver detox.
    • Marigold: Heals minor skin conditions and promotes wound healing.
    • Chamomile: Enhances mood and reduces inflammation.
    • Camellia: Hero herb which possesses anti-ageing, anti-bacterial and astringent properties. Aids in skin hydration and beneficial for acne-prone skin.
    • Saffron: Youth-promoting spice that diminishes skin scarring and acts as an aphrodisiac.
  • HORMONES I am balanced.

    This is a magic herbal tea blend for balancing estrogen levels and when taken daily will work on healing PCOS as well as easing hormone induced menopausal symptoms.

  • KIDNEYS I am clean.

    This herbal tea blend is a star for reducing inflammation. It works on bladder conditions, regulates blood sugar and helps with weight management.

  • LIVER I am energetic.

    This herbal tea blend works to detoxify the liver and helps with bile production which in turn metabolises fat and keeps the system alkaline. It also works on the blood pressure and is extremely antioxidant rich.

ANTIDOTE was born in 2014, offering easy on-the-go solutions to supplement your daily diet and lifestyle. It's nutritionally dense blends when incorporated into a lifestyle show gradual but long term shifts in hair, skin, energy levels, BMI, immune system & your mood!

We believe in results, honest formulations and transparency.

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