High vibe, mountain formed crystals exhibit strong energy fields. Crystal healing emerges where science and mysticism meet, known to aid in physical, mental and spiritual well-being practices, they carry powers that are discovered by those eager to harness.

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    Rs. 800Rs. 3,500
    for healing & beauty This super high-vibration crystal rids a room of negative energy and keeps "energy vampires" out of your personal space. Physically it can help with digestive troubles and relieves stress. It enhances psychic and mental abilities, and beauty.

    Rs. 1,500
    for protection & evil-eye This is one of the most powerful crystals for protection and elimination of negative energy. It helps to absorb electromagnetic energies and removes energy blockages from within the body or space around.

    Rs. 1,200
    for cleansing & meditation Known as the master-healer, it stimulates the crown chakra. It amplifies energies, thoughts and vibrations of the owner as  well as other crystals around it. Helps bring in clarity and concentration. It is usually paired with a rose quartz to enhance and aid their abilities.

    Rs. 1,500
    for self-expression & confidence This crystal stimulates the throat chakra and promotes greater creativity and self expression. It is a crystal of self-awareness, grace and self confidence. It is one of the oldest gemstones, one that has existed in ancient tales and worn by kings.

    Rs. 800
    for harmony & self-assurance
    Activates the heart chakra and promotes positive energy. It enhances all types of love: self-love, love for others and unconditional love. Raises self-esteem, restores confidence, helps with emotional balance and releases stress, anger and tension.

    Rs. 1,200
    for positivity & flow of energy
    This is a favourite night time crystal to ward off insomnia, illness and negative energy. It can be used as an "energy eraser" to recharge other crystals, and yourself. It unblocks all stagnant and negative energy, removing all energy blockages to create a fluid flow of energy throughout the body.