100% Organic, wild herb tea to boost metabolism, heal the gut, increase immunity & fix the skin! Choose your function…

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  • BRAIN tea tonic

    Rs. 790

    I am calm.

    for a de-stressing, relaxing and sleep inducing elixir. This potent formula works as a sleep-aid and a nerve tonic that eases blood pressure and heart rate helping you unwind. It also works wonders as a mood enhancer.
  • HORMONES tea tonic

    Rs. 790

    I am balanced.

    for a hormone balancing tonic. This healing blend balances estrogen levels and when taken daily works on PCOS as well as hormone induced menopausal symptoms.
  • KIDNEYS tea tonic

    Rs. 790

    I am clean.

    for a metabolism boost + bladder cleanse. This blend is star for reducing inflammation. It works on bladder conditions, regulates blood sugar and helps with weight management.
  • LIVER tea tonic

    Rs. 790

    I am energetic.

    for a gentle liver detox. This antioxidant-rich, bright pink herbal concoction works to detoxify the liver, helps with bile production, metabolises fat and keeps the system alkaline!
    • Milk Thistle: Acts a liver tonic. Its key component Silymarin, plays a key role in preventing osteoporosis and bone density loss in women and men.
    • Dandelion Root: Its active compound reduces inflammation, aids detoxification and digestion.
    • Burdock: Purifies the blood, skin and liver.
    • Hibiscus: Ace floral for boosting the metabolism and providing a high dose of Vitamin C!
    Commit daily for life-changing results.*
  • LUNGS tea tonic

    Rs. 790

    I am powerful.

    for an anti-inflammatory + breathe easy brew. This forest tea blend works as an immunity elixir and digestive tonic. It neutralizes inflammation in the lungs and helps with hay fever, sore throat and allergies.
  • SKIN tea tonic

    Rs. 790

    I am radiant.

    for clarifying skin + radiance boost. This floral tea blend works on the glow, as well as for healing skin conditions such as wounds, eczema and acne marks. It is antioxidant rich, anti-inflammatory and improves the overall skin appearance.
  • TEATOX 10-day transformation

    Rs. 1,790

    I am healing.

    10-day gentle detox program designed to flood your system with healing herbs and adaptogens that soothe, cleanse and revitalise your body’s main defence: the 5 detox organs. The skin, lungs, liver, kidneys and circulatory system.